Pulse offers you hands-on job search activity services to alleviate you from the task of finding employment on your own. It is a job finding a job so we are here to do all the hands-on work for you.

We encourage you to partner with your Pulse Employment Consultant to ensure you are maximizing the service to the fullest. While we can provide you with a number to impress you with our success rate, the success of your candidacy will also depend heavily on you and your motivation for opportunities.

Unfortunately, nothing in life is guaranteed but we do guarantee all effort will be made to position you in the best possible way so that you stand out amongst other candidates.

If you are unhappy with your documentation, contact Pulse right away to discuss any matters. We will review any recommended changes and provide you with a one-time update with your suggested requests. Please note: Refunds will not be issued on completed documents.

Pulse not only enhances your resume, we will search for opportunities using your targeted resume and complete the application process for you. You don’t have to worry about creating accounts online to apply or remembering what position you applied to, we are here to save you time by handling the process and acting as an additional resource for other areas in your career as needed.

Pulse proudly represents all executed services so when you are successful, we feel equally victorious.

The exact deliverable for each specific service are available for you on the service page.

Pulse will communicate with you during the start of the resume writing process to ensure we are delivering to your standards. Once a final version of the resume or cover letter is completed and/or delivered, we are unable to issue a refund. It is very important to keep the lines of communication open with your Pulse Employment Consultant.